Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Bigg's Diner, Naga City

We start April with a post from a trip back in February. While in Naga City, we had our breakfasts at Bigg's Diner, which was near our hotel. We didn't have breakfast included in our room rates but there were places to have breakfast at so it was okay. Bigg's Diner is obviously an American Diner-themed resto and that shows in their interiors and menu.

The diner's sign in neon lights alludes to its inspiration in similar diners in the US
Menu behind the bar
The diner-style interiors
This gas pump reminded me of the show "The Pickers"
A dispenser converted to store
Restaurant interiors
Decors include vintage stuff like gramophone and telephone hanging on the wall
Hotdog, bacon, eggs and rice
Bangus (milkfish), eggs and rice
It's a diner that serves mostly all-day breakfast meals. Most items in the menu should be familiar including their selection of 'silog' meals. It wasn't so crowded when we had dinner there but it can get crowded according to a colleague who ate there during the peak hours. And their staff have had a hard time managing diners; especially those who lingered for quite a long time after they've finished their meals. Tambays at restaurants can be a killer since other people who see a crowded restaurant and who think they cannot get a seat(s) immediately will just walk out instead.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Daph's, Pan Philippine Highway, Plaridel, Quezon

Our trip to Naga City introduced me to a lot of restaurants. Among the most memorable, of course, is one we designated as our midway stopover either way of our trip. Daph's along the Pan Philippine Highway or Asian Highway 26 (AH 26) is easy to spot along the road in Plaridel, Quezon. It's basically the only big restaurant there (others are more like eateries) and is strategically located along the seaside. The restaurant offers an excellent panorama of the sea (actually Lopez Bay) and Alabat Island in the horizon.

The restaurant provides travelers with fine vistas of the sea. This is certainly something many people would like to have as a view while working or relaxing.
Crispy tapa for our tapsilog with native hot chocolate on the side for our breakfast en route to Naga City
Restaurant interiors - nothing fancy, all functional or utilitarian
You can't miss the restaurant and its large sign along the highway
Sizzling tanigue (Spanish mackerel) steak for our lunch on our return trip to Manila
Pancit (fried noodles)
Halabos na hipon (shrimps cooked in salt and water) - a simple but very satisfying dish
Their version of grilled squid is very tasty especially with their barbecue sauce
The food here is definitely good for a no frills type of restaurant. The prices are also just right considering their target market are travelers making stopovers during what would usually be long trips using their own vehicles (not those taking the bus). The staff at Daph's are very attentive and helpful with the menu. The owner-manager also is usually there and checks his customers from time to time; making sure they are served properly and in a timely manner. The restrooms are clean and there's adequate parking spaces. What more can I say but it is highly recommended for a stopover for people traveling between Bicol and Metro Manila.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Botejyu, Feliz Mall

Ayala's Feliz Mall at the boundary of Marikina and Pasig has a good number of Japanese-themed restaurants. These include those specializing in ramen, katsu and, in this case, okonomiyaki. We haven't eaten at Botejyu before and I wanted to try their okonomiyaki. And so we ended up having our Fridate (Friday date) dinner at the restaurant.

Menu showing the countries where the restaurant has branches including of course their origin in Japan.
Their specialty is okonomiyaki
Restaurant front at the Feliz Mall
Burger steak set
Their special okonomiyaki
The food was definitely good and the okonomiyaki is a treat for those who want to have this authentic, tasty Japanese dish. The staff are attentive and helpful with the items on the menu. It also doesn't hurt that the prices didn't put a proverbial hole in your pocket. We recommend Botejyu for a good meal, whether its lunch or dinner. Perhaps one can even have a heavy merienda here, ordering their specialty okonomiyaki.